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“Origins and Suffering” provides an artistic approach to the story of God’s creation of heaven and earth and explains its relation to our existence.

Humans have pondered the meaning of our existence for centuries, philosophizing on questions such as “do my choices and actions matter?” and “what’s happened in the world that has caused so much suffering?” Author Jim Szana connects those questions to biblical answers in “Origins and Suffering,” an imaginative retelling of the story of Genesis filled with reflection on the meaning of life.

Depicting a compelling tale of good versus evil, God and Lucifer’s interactions in the book demonstrate the events that created the world and brought suffering to it. Paired with Szana’s personal narrative and anecdotes, this connection between the past and present creates a newfound understanding of our world.

Szana wrote this book with a universal message in mind and hopes his writing helps readers make sense of the world around them. “I have always maintained we should know what we believe. It was time for me to write my view of what is taking place int the universe in which we live,” he said.

In storybook form this jazz pianist/ dentist gives an account of various levels of origins both tangible and intangible. His extraterrestrial global flood narrative scrambles the elements so cleverly brought together in creation. Even the concept of suffering is dished out as a chronicle.

Jim Szana is a musical and dental artist. He has been playing and practicing for more than fifty years. Since 2002 his traditional jazz trio has been part of the Touring Artists Roster for the South Dakota Arts Council.

Jim Szana’s passion for trying to understand life’s fundamental questions is the basis for this book. There is an urgency about the healing power of this subject matter that he hopes will reach people of all faiths and especially those with NO faith.

This Vietnam Vet debuets as an author painting familiar scenes with words that border on improvisation. His first attempt at putting his thoughts into words he claims is like trying to capture moonbeams in a net.

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