Episode 2051: A STRIVING AFTER WIND: PART 1 by Sharon Traner - a podcast by Ric Bratton

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Annie and her brothers have been surrounded by wealth and prestige their entire lives. But, as their mother says, "They don't know how to dream." When she dies, their father seizes upon an opportunity to uproot the family and move them to a place that is unlike anything they ever imagined. This family saga is written against the backdrop of the political and global turmoil of the last three years of the Vietnam War, 1970 - 1973. The Winston's learn the meaning of decency, perseverance, and loyalty, while arriving at a greater understanding of self-worth and the value of work. As Annie states, "We each planted a piece of ourselves in this place, and the roots have grown much deeper than any of us expected."

I grew up on a farm in southeastern Iowa. I married Mark in 1972 as the Vietnam war was ending. However, Mark enlisted in the US Coast Guard and his first assignment was on a buoy tender on the Mississippi River, billeted in Dubuque, Iowa. We fell in love with the splendor of the Upper Mississippi Valley as we camped and explored the area from Dubuque to the Twin Cities. The Coast Guard then sent him to technical training at Governor’s Island in NYC. We lived there for six months and he was ultimately assigned to an ice breaker, home port Milwaukee, WI, where we have lived ever since. I am a mother of a large family, with natural and adopted children. I am a retired nurse whose first love has always been writing.

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