Episode 2052: BUMBLE AND THE SPIDER by Debra Klein - a podcast by Ric Bratton

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Bumble and the Spider is a beautiful illustrated book that is fun to read. It teaches the value of friendship, working together, and acceptance.

BUMBLE and the SPIDER is about a young Bumble Bee who leaves his mother for the first time to venture out on his own. He flies to faraway places and meets some interesting characters along the way. The book has conflicts and resolutions that take readers to a heartfelt ending. BUMBLE and the SPIDER is a cute and entertaining story. It keeps young readers wondering what will happen next. It has enough substance and plot to keep older children and adults interested as well. Children who are just learning to read love the illustrations, which helps keep them engrossed and able to follow along with the story.

Debra is a new American writer who has completed her new book BUMBLE and the SPIDER. Author Klein expounds an effective story in teaching children what friendship truly means-accepting each other’s differences and learning to love them no matter what. Published by New York City- based Page Publishing, Debra Klein’s book also doubles as a wonderful approach to learning the impracticality of prejudice toward strangers. She had turned her hobby of writing into a published children’s book.

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