Episode 2063: PANGAEA - BOOK 1: ENFORCER'S PURSUIT by Camren Burton - a podcast by Ric Bratton

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Pangaea begins the tale of a boy with a lost past, whose escape triggers events that may forever change the world – and his destiny.

Earth is a memory, and humans have settled on several planets, unified under the Earth Colony Federation. On the colony Pangaea, the law enforcers imprison all criminals, age notwithstanding. Condemned youth on Pangaea quickly learn they have no rights – and almost no memory.

In the boys’ prison, twelve-year-old Mark retains a feeling that he was not guilty - a hope that keeps him alive. Escaping the enforcers, he must keep ahead of them as he attempts to uncover his past, and discover his innocence. Encountering pieces of his lost past, Mark learns that appeals are virtually unprecedented on Pangaea, and the enforcers never relent. Mark faces impossible odds and almost an entire planet’s police force determined to send him back to prison, regardless of the facts.

Camren T. Burton knew from a very young age that he was destined to be a writer. He stays busy writing for various online audio productions, working on his novels, illustrating comics, and acting as the humble servant to his two cats and dog. Camren lives in Washington State. Pangaea is his first book and he has more planned.

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