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THE TORNADO ENGINE+ by Jim Quinn, Bsc Fimeche

This is the inside story of the man who was known as the White Tornado in Rolls Royce Bristol aero engines, for he outlines the work he and others carried out over 21 years during the early concept, development and in service stages of the Panavia MRCA-Tornado engines. He went on to Project Manage Europe's first production single crystal turbine blades, and then worked on Control Systems for several years, describing these works as the story proceeds.
A whistle blower, he enjoyed Gilbert & Sullivan, Hang Gliding, and Motorsport, and he eventually left RR, to work with several charities, particularly Headway and Remap, where he describes his experience as an inventive carer of disabled people of all sorts.
As a Humanist, he has experience of and interest in many things, and the book thus contains a variety of challenging thoughts, including the nature of biological evolution (Extra Terrestrials too).

Jim Quinn has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and over the years has also risen through the ranks to become a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He worked for Bristol Siddeley aero engines and then Rolls Royce aero engines, but left in 1994. He then worked for a charity called Headway where he helped mentally disabled people to cope with life, including bus and train timetables and how to count the cash in their hand. He then worked for a charity called Remap which help physically disable people with one off equipment to help their independence, and has now worked voluntarily for them for 21 years to the present day. He is a Design Engineer and a Humanist and likes thinking about many things including evolution and nuclear weapons.

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