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ZIPPING ALONG by Roxsane Tiernan

Since this book is a memoir of my life from 1987 to 2003 I think you need an Introduction unless you know me very well or have read ZIP my previous book that covers the first fifty years of my life, So… My life has been very full. I am an outgoing person ready to meet new friends; have new experiences.

Roxsane was born and raised in the greater Vancouver area. She became an international educator teaching high school and marketing for the district in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico. Wherever she travels she soaks up local colour, customs and cultural influences. These cross-cultural experiences blend with her lively imagination, her creativity and her love of the outdoors to provide an endless variety of subjects for her art work. Now she lives in Burnaby.

Roxsane studied Applied Art at Capilano College [now Capilano University] placing on the Dean’s List. She has experimented in many media—acrylics, watercolour, and oils. She has studied and produced weaving, fabric design, and soft sculpture before learning the techniques of Chigiri-e in Japan. One afternoon in 1984 she took a class in Chigiri-e’—a Japanese torn paper technique. As an artist the discovery of Chigiri-e’ opened her creative channels. She enjoys the variety of papers, the feel of paper, it can be sturdy or fragile, bright or hazy, fibrous or sheer—gauzy. She loves it all.

Recently she has experimented with the exuberance of acrylics using playful, audacious colour. At times she combines acrylics and paper to create a mixed media piece. This incorporates the textures of paper with the colour of acrylics

Roxsane interprets nature. She produces impressions of light sifting through the forest, sunlight dappling water or snow fields or patterns of fog or dew. She experiments and enjoys the challenges involved.

She always wants to capture the many fleeting joys of life. When she comes through a sun dappled trail she wants to share the pleasure she gets. Paper allows her to do this. .She chooses to bring the positive side of life to everyone’s attention usually using nature as the vehicle.

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