Episode 2126: DEAR MOM AND DAD by Georgia Lee McGowen - a podcast by Ric Bratton

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DEAR MOM AND DAD : YOU DONT KNOW ME, BUT... by Georgia Lee McGowen

Much has been written both about and by people who feel they were assigned the wrong body at conception, exploring the struggles and too often the tragedies that result from that mismatch of nature. Very little has been written, however, to chronicle the lifelong struggle of people to understand and come to terms with two distinct sets of emotions, one male and one female--a single soul, at times divided, at times united, by two clearly identifiable spirits.

Dear Mom and Dad: You Don't Know Me, But ... traces the life of George through the eyes of Georgia, the female half of their soul, from early childhood in the post war Texas oil fields through the innocence of his early school years in northeastern Oklahoma. With the onset of puberty, Georgia watches the omnipresent feeling of not being normal cast a destructive pall over nearly everything he attempts. After the collapse of his lifelong dream, George begins again with hopes, new dreams, and the love they've both always longed for. Georgia finally emerges, but understanding her part in their soul comes slowly and is complicated by a tragedy of profound proportion.

Dear Mom and Dad considers the ultimate understanding of God's will for both George and Georgia and its unusual conclusion, sharing a story of struggle and self-acceptance.

George spent thirty years trying to understand why he didn’t feel things the world seemed to expect him to feel, followed by twenty-five years reconciling two separate and distinct sets of emotions representing George and Georgia. They are retired together in harmony as Georgia in Mesa Arizona.

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