Episode 2136: THE LAST CHAPTER by Eleanor Collins - a podcast by Ric Bratton

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THE LAST CHAPTER by Eleanor Collins

The century old mystery of the disappearance of Thomas Stanwell begins to unfold when a World War 1 mass grave is found at Fromelles. Thomas' great grandson is determined to find out what happened and travels from Australia to Europe in the quest to find answers. The rich tapestry of this family saga is woven with descendants from Australia, England, Scotland and Germany and covers the entire 20th Century. The mystery begins to unravel with an unexpected meeting in Glasgow.

Eleanor Collins is a retired school teacher with a passion for history. Throughout history the narratives of battles have usually written from the perspective of the victors. In ‘The Last Chapter’ Eleanor has developed her knowledge and understanding of 20th century history to include insights from the perspectives of the vanquished.

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