Episode 2156: WHEN LOVE DOESN'T START AT HOME by Sammy Lee Gott - a podcast by Ric Bratton

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This is a beautiful and engaging book about surviving and prospering after growing up in a dysfunctional family. It is told by a man who is a brother, husband, father, veteran and who has a lot of life lessons to share with the world. The author shares an emotional and raw telling of events tempered with insightful moments that shaped the way he sees the world today. This book is about his life journeys. From poor to financially well off. From emotionally broken to being loved and centered. From a feeling of self doubt to one of self worth. From a non-spiritual beginning to finding Christ. From not knowing what good parents are to raising independent and well-adjusted children that have a sense of what family is really about. This book will make you think. It will also make you cry.


Sammy was born May 19,1942 into a family as the youngest of four boys. Richard, the father, spent 28 years in the US Military, Jessie, the mother, was mentally impaired.
The family was very poor and the mother verbally, mentally and physically abused the boys. Sammy and his brothers spent time in boys homes for troubled kids. After dropping out of high school the day after he was seventeen, he joined the US Military. He spent eight years in the military during the Vietnam War. After his discharge, Sam went to college on the GI Bill and he finished his education with a Master of Science in Financial Services. Sam spent 42 years in the world of Financial Planning, Risk Management and Investments. This career took him as high as Senior Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company. Sam has been with his wife, Janet Kay, for 45 years. They have raised three boys and a daughter and they have six grandchildren. He is in the process of writing his fifth book and loves to paint with water colors and oils. A Christian, age 78, he writes about life and how to not only survive it but how to enjoy the journey.

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