Episode 2228: Poet and Short Story Writer Maya Mitra Das - a podcast by Ric Bratton

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RHYTHMS PRIMEVAL by Maya Mitra DasThe verses of Maya Mitra Das plumb the alchemy of primeval moons and mist-wrapped mountains; delving deep into the realm of personal myth. Spanning the arc of ecstasy and despair, her poems explore the boundaries of human loneliness as well as the healing power of love.Poet and short story writer Maya Mitra Das was born in India and came to the U.S. in 1973. She studied internal medicine and pediatrics in India, England and the United States, earning her M.D. and Ph.D. She received her training at Downstate Medical Center and State University Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.She completed two fellowships-one for the department of hematology on oncology at U.C.L.A. Medical Center and the second at University of California San Francisco for radiation oncology. She currently serves on the medical staff at Children's hospital on Oakland, California working with sickle cell anemia in children. Among her many hobbies, Maya performs 'Bharatanatyam' Indian classical dance.Her poetry has appeared in her book Rhythms Primeval, the anthology Tuesday's Poetry, and two narrative poems have been anthologized in What's in a Name. Her ?ction has appeared her full-length collection of short stories Silhouettes of Time, and in the anthologies Tremors: Short Fiction by California Writers and Insight, Hindsight & Flights of Fancy. She has also authored several scienti?c publications.https://www.amazon.com/Rhythms-Primeval-Maya-Mitra-Das/dp/1943471215https://www.authormayamitradas.com/http://www.bluefunkbroadcasting.com/root/twia/mmdasec.mp3   SILHOUETTES OF TIME by Maya Mitra DasThese intriguing tales by Maya Mitra Das take us on wildly imaginative journeys to exotic and sometimes alien landscapes -- introducing us to infinitely curious moments in time, space and memory. Maya's poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous anthologies. This is her first collection of short fiction.https://www.amazon.com/Silhouettes-Time-Maya-Mitra-Das/dp/194347107Xhttps://www.authormayamitradas.com/http://www.bluefunkbroadcasting.com/root/twia/mmdasec.mp3   

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