Episode 2260: SERMONS WITH INSIGHT by Roland Zimany, Ph.D. - a podcast by Ric Bratton

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SERMONS WITH INSIGHT by Roland Zimany, Ph.D."Roland Zimany is a theologically well-informed, biblically adept, gifted communicator of the Christian faith.  The sermons and lectures in this book are not only substantial but also engaging.  How refreshing it is to be encountered by a preacher who loves a congregation enough to tell them the truth about God in all its richness and demanding depth!" ~William H. Willimon "There are excellent sermons in this collection.  Many that need to be heard and read time and again." ~M. Jolley With an undergraduate degree from Princeton, Roland Zimany worked in business and government in the New York City area for fourteen years, before getting an M. Div. from Union Theological Seminary, a Ph.D. in Religion from Duke, and then teaching as Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Blackburn College and serving as a Lutheran minister.https://www.amazon.com/Sermons-Insight-Roland-Zimany/dp/1622879104/ref=monarch_sidesheethttp://www.bluefunkbroadcasting.com/root/twia/rolzimanyec.mp3   

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