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THE WINDOW by Christa L. Tarpley?It is about a Frog name Teddy, who lived in a small town and wanted to become king, Teddy did not consider all of the heart-ship and responsibilities that came along with king-ship but only saw one thing and it was becoming king and exercising his authority, he wanted to rule the world and show others what he could do.Teddy assumed that he had many friends; but realized he had only two true friends who were there in good times as well as bad times. After climbing the highest building Teddy found out that trouble was around the corner and needed help and assistance in getting out. Many friends he saw passed by him and at one point they were considered to be his closest friends, they turned and walked away he then understood even in the mist of conflicts there is only those that really care and will be there.So it is in life, you will often wonder who are your friends if I go through trials will they be there for me? If I get in a bind will they come and pull me through? Or just walk away and say sorry I can't help. I believe a true friend will be there until the end, it does not matter what will happen the two of you will walk down the long road together.I am Christa Tarpley born and raised in a town called Axton Virginia, married to Dr. Rev. Jimmy Tarpley and the proud parents of two daughters April and Sol Angelo and a god-daughter Janice. Four years of college; National Business College, Phoenix College all together. My passion is writing, includes poetry, spiritual songs, plays, and children’s books. I express feelings in writing and to see the joy upon others faces. I learned that in order to obtain anything one must believe in self and faith to know one day it will happen. I am a waiter, things will not take place over night but preparation, information, putting thoughts together, and meditation must take place.https://www.amazon.com/Window-Christa-L-Tarpley/dp/1954753284/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+windows+christa+tarpley&qid=1615330650&s=books&sr=1-1www.WorkBookPress.comhttp://www.bluefunkbroadcasting.com/root/twia/wbp102821.mp3   

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